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Asset-light terminal Wroclaw Siechnice


upto 2 trains per day = 14 trains per week

terminal max. capacity 1200 TEU

new extention possible

Asset-light terminal Katowice Wlosienica


upto 2 trains per day = 14 trains per week

terminal max capacity 700 TEU

new extention possible

Cargo unloading from a container into the warehouse and trans-shipment to a trailer


Unloading the 2nd and the 3rd coil from inside of a 20' sea container


Wagons inside the warehouse

in the terminal Wroclaw Siechnice


Baltic Rail open flat-rack

for the last mile delivery of steel-coils


Baltic Rail heavy railway containers

40' High-Cube Pallet-Wide

capacity 30 europallets, neto payload 29 t


Baltic Rail carrier-owned-container

40' High-Cube Pallet-Wide

capacity 30 europallets, neto payload 29 t

First Baltic Rail train in Mlawa

April 7th, 2017

Terminal Katowice Wlosienica 

located between Katowice and Krakow


Unloading steel-coils from 20' sea containers into the warehouse


Palletized cargo reloading in the container terminal Wroclaw - Siechnice. See more pictures and information at


Rail terminal Katowice Wlosienica


See more pictures and information at


Terminal Wroclaw Siechnice.

South-East of Wroclaw city



Unloading 2 coils from wagon to truck

takes 8 minutes.


Wagon with anti-open steel plates

Baltic Rail train

in Euroterminal Slawkow

Baltic Rail road chassies

used around terminals in Poland



Baltic Rail train Katowice - Gdynia

pulled by Rail Polska electric loco

Rail Polska diesel locomotives M62M

Regular train Koper - Wroclaw - Koper

unloading in the terminal

Katy Wroclawskie. Summer 2013



Direct un-loading from wagons to trucks in the terminal Dabrowa Gornicza 



Baltic Rail 90ft wagons in Koper  


Parking place in Koper


Train loading in Brzesko Terminal





ADR class 1 loading in Paldiski


Train in Paldiski, Estonia


Muuga Container Terminal





Loading the freight from Tallinn to Krasnoyarsk (distance 5100 km)

Terminal Alekon near Tallinn

Train of harvesters from Paldiski, EE

to Kasakhztan

Out of gauge shipment H0220

Trucks to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Out of gauge shipment H0010


Amber Hope project

train for the Finnish Army

Out of gauge shipment H0100