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Groupage cargo transportation services

If it is profitable for any reason to send or receive your goods in small consignments, we will be happy to offer you our service of groupage cargo transportation. Using of our groupage cargo transportation service you get short delivery time and pay only for the place occupied by your cargo in a truck or container.

Baltic Rail in co-operation with Estonian trucking companies covers Western and Central Europe and the CIS countries. We arrange groupage cargo transportation from any part of Europe. Partnership relations with a wide range of companies, convenient location of consolidation warehouses, regular routes and dispatch schedules let our company provide quality service, competitive prices and shortest delivery time of groupage cargos possible. LCL&LAL consolidation worldwide and in Europe makes a large part of our work. Taking into account Russian directions we consolidate trucks from Estonia on a weekly basis to Moscow area, St.Petersburg district and North-West part of Russia (till Murmansk, Arkhangelsk). By special agreement our consolidated truck can run deep in Russia. Baltic Rail operates with variety range of trucks starting from Ford Transit (1,5 tonn payload) till full tilt trailers which allows to offer customer the most convinient type of transportation. Specialist destinations/origins include Far East, Europe, Baltic States, Scandinavia, Russia, Kazakstan and Mongolia."