22 June 2021 –  Baltic Adriatic Land Bridge   With many ocean, port and logistics services stretched to capacity during these challenging times, moving containers around the world nowadays demands patience, creativity and sharp execution – even more than before. So, if you are looking for a new alternative, one idea is to combine solutions that already exist on the...

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Baltic Rail

Baltic Rail is a container-train operator inside Rail World Group, active in both European railway gauge 1435 mm and Russian railway gauge 1520 mm.


Baltic Rail was established in 2008 and we run trains in the Baltic Adriatic Rail Corridor since 2011. We started from zero, have had good development for 10 years and now doing further growth in 2021.


Being both wholly-owned subsidiaries of Rail World, Baltic Rail works very closely with Rail Polska – private railway operator in Poland.


Our short presentation is available at It contains general data and basic facts about our developments, and we will be more than happy to answer to any of your further questions!


At the moment, we run 3-4 roundtrips per week Koper – Wroclaw – Katowice – Koper and manage two our own container terminals in Poland:

Our Koper trains are scheduled to call both Wroclaw and Katowice, which makes some of them running on the triangle Koper – Wroclaw – Katowice – Koper. Additional southbound stop we do on a regular basis to pick-up export flows from


Being private and neutral, Baltic Rail is working with all forwarders and all shipping lines on the market on a non-discriminatory basis.

    We also run warehouse operations in the Port of Muuga (Tallinn, Estonia) receiving container cargo by ocean and distributing it via the region of Scandinavia, Baltics, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. Customers appreciate keeping the stock close to Russian border but outside of Russian jurisdiction.

Headquartered in Chicago, Rail World group is a management, consulting and investment company having operations on railway markets of North America and Europe.



Short video presentation (2 min 34 sec) of the container terminal Wroclaw Siechnice



Video-clip (2 min 31 sec) of loading steel-coils in the rail terminal Wroclaw Siechnice:



Info brochure in *.pdf format:




Baltic Rail AS is a member of: