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22 June 2021 –  Baltic Adriatic Land Bridge


With many ocean, port and logistics services stretched to capacity during these challenging times, moving containers around the world nowadays demands patience, creativity and sharp execution – even more than before. So, if you are looking for a new alternative, one idea is to combine solutions that already exist on the market and have the necessary assets and service offerings in place with timetables at key terminals.


Based on these ideas, an interesting rail alliance has been started. Loconi, as operator of 5 container trains weekly between Gdynia and Wrocław, and Baltic Rail, as operator of 3-5 trains weekly between Wrocław and Koper, decided to offer a combined intermodal service Gdynia-Koper-Gdynia. With a single ticket it will be possible for containers to travel between Gdynia, Wroclaw and Koper, transloading between trains included within the service. The timing of the 2nd journey will be optimized to ensure cut-off for the target sailing. Thus, the intermediate stop can also have the role of a buffer that might be convenient.


For the ease of the customer – a common e-mail has been created - The initiative is supported by both sea terminals - the Port of Koper, Slovenia and BCT in Gdynia, Poland. This solution enables connecting all the key ports in Scandinavia with the key ports in Central and East Mediterranean, worthwhile checking the Red Sea and Gulf area too. Here to give an example of what is possible to achieve with the Baltic-Adriatic Land Bridge: e.g. Oslo – Haifa – an all-sea service typically takes about 30 days, while the combined sea-land-sea service via Gdynia and Koper should take about 14 days.



Key speakers for your further reference:


Vadim Shabarov, Baltic Rail, +37.252.502.87

Filip Olbrycht, Loconi, +48.600.018.822

Darek Mierkiewicz, Port of Koper, +48.663.065.603




08 January 2021


Baltic Rail’s operational performance for 2020 showed a 12% reduction in volume of TEU transported from that achieved in 2019. Speaking about the results Stephen Archer (CEO) said ‘This is the first time since operations started that we have seen a reduction in volume. However, given the challenges brought by covid that the world has endured during the last 12 months this can be considered a good achievement.


The New Year has started well and growth is expected to resume for 2021.





22-24 September 2020


Save the date for Mediterranean Ports and Shipping 2020


Tuesday 22 to Thursday 24 September 2020

Slovenia Koper

Mediterranean Ports and Shipping is the biggest annual Container Ports, Shipping and Transport Logistics Exhibition and Conference in the Mediterranean region now in its 8th successful year.


Direct link





24 March 2020


During the Coronavirus crisis Baltic Rail is continuing to operate as normal.

Three schedules trains per week are running between the Koper and Poland. Transit times are being maintained as the additional border processes are minimal for freight trains. We are actually experiencing faster running times than usual due to reduced passenger and non-intermodal traffic.


Take the burden off the road and border crossings by using intermodal services.


For a quote please contact





12 January 2020


Baltic Rail is pleased to announce a 7% increase in annual volume on its service between Poland and the port of Koper. This is particularly pleasing against a global market that has not increased. We would like to thank all of our customers and partners for your continued custom and support.


Volume of container traffic on our Koper trains in TEUs, five years actual and 2020 forecast: 


Speaking about the results CEO of Baltic Rail Mr. Stephen Archer said: "There continues to be growing interest in accessing Central Europe from Asia through the Adriatic Port. New customers are converting to the solution all the time. There is however increased competition from overland solutions especially for imports originating from central China."


Higher fuel costs, caused by rising fuel costs from the market as well imposed by IMO low Sulphur requirements, will improve the competitiveness of Koper versus Northern ports but will make land transportation more expensive. It will be interesting to see how the market reacts to these changes.



November 2019


Port of Koper days are coming!


Business reception events in Prague 13.11.2019 and Bratislava 28.11.2019


Let's have a meeting there!




5-6 June 2019


Baltic Rail team had many business meetings in Munich.


Transport Logistic is the largest logistics fair in the World. This time June 4-7, 2019 it hosted 2'374 exhibitors (+10%) from 63 countries and welcomed around 64'000 trade visitors (+5%) from 125 countries.


See you again in Munich next in 2 years May 4-7, 2021 at the next Transport Logistic! Save the date.




15-16 May 2019


What natural figures tell us?

  • Shanghai – Koper 8541 nautical miles (15818 kilometers) = 29 days of slow steaming at 12 knots
  • Shanghai – Hamburg 10778 nm (19961 km), +26% = 37 days
  • Shanghai – Gdansk 11342 nm (21005 km), +33% = 39 days

Baltic Rail team was speaking at RailFreight Summit 2019 in Gdansk





14 May 2019


Wroclaw, Katowice and Tallinn offices took part in a development meeting for the next phase of the ‘Train and Terminal Management System’.


The idea is that all data from enquiry to cash collection is entered only once and that all staff at all locations have access to current information at all times. Further automation is essential to manage the increase in freight traffic with the same number of back office staff enabling the most efficient cost base for our customers.


The system is now working to control all terminal and train movements. EDI is available for all interested partners. Truck management modules and management information modules are under development.



5 April 2019


Baltic Rail finished the 1st quarter of 2019 with a +18% increase in volume compared year-on-year.


This was achieved with a 7% increase in number of trains combined with a higher level of occupancy on the export trains.


Picture: first train in the 2nd quarter leaving terminal Katowice Wlosienica with intermodal flat-racks of steel coils being delivered to the automotive plant in Poland.



14 March 2019


Baltic Rail took part in the Port of Koper’s visit to Egypt between 12 and 14 March. The Shipping community was met in Cairo and we also toured the Damietta and East Port Said terminals.


The Port of Koper is well placed to serve the transportation needs of Egyptian industry and Baltic Rail is ideally suited to extend the connection between Koper and Poland. The opportunity for cooperation with industry in Egypt is very exciting, in addition to the substantial flows of perishable foodstuffs Egypt also has furniture making and textile industries importing and exporting product to Central Europe.


Baltic Rail will continue discussions with potential customers and develop flows to destinations with are economically viable. If you have any questions about our services please contact us.


Photo: controlling centre in the Port of Damietta



9 January 2019


2018 has finished and we have compiled our operating statistics for the year. We had an impressive growth in traffic of 30% compared to 2017. We have budgeted for similar growth during 2019 and have secured additional wagons to transport this volume.


A total of 341 trains were dispatched in 2018 inside of 104 operating cycles between the Port of Koper and our Polish network.


THANK YOU to all our customers, service providers and partners for your continued trust and support.





7 September 2018


Baltic Rail was established in September 2008 and started its first very own container train from Koper (Slovenia) in September 2011. We started from zero and grown the volume to more than 10 thousand TEU per year.


Today we run 5-8 container trains per week (2-3 departures per week from the port) in the triangle Koper – Wroclaw – Katowice – Koper.


In 8 month of 2018 we have transported 8893 TEU, which is more than 2/3 of our total forecast for 2018. Active Autumn 2018 gives us expectation to exceed our yearly prediction.


We have placed the order for one more wagon-set to receive in 2019 and expect further 15% growth of the volume.


For the 6th year we work for the very demanding hi-tech Customer with one of the highest quality standards in the industry.


Please try us. If we were good for them for 6 years, we will be good for you too!


Contact us for rate request on


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask for any additional data or more details.






15 May 2018


Port of Koper Day is Wroclaw is an annual event to explain the opportunity for Polish importers and exporters to improve their understanding of the services provided by the Baltic Adriatic Corridor to Koper.


More than a 100 guests met with Port of Koper management, forwarders, shipping lines, customs agents and transport companies.


The event was a huge success and further reinforced the use of Koper as an import / export port for the Polish transport sector.


Being established in 2008 Baltic Rail was celebrating its first 10th anniversary :)





16 April 2018


From Japan to Central Europe via Koper. Inland with Baltic Rail.


Baltic Rail took part in a trade delegation with the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce to Japan between 16 and 18 April. During the visit presentations were made to Japanese shippers and the transportation sector.


It is possible to gain fast access to Central Europe with the use of 3 ocean services to Koper and then Baltic Rail’s train connections to Wroclaw and Katowice.


Interested in more information? Why not join us at Koper Days in Wroclaw on 15 May 2018. Please contact us for details.




28 March 2018


Baltic Rail knows, what is the team-work.


50 more pictures





20-21 March 2018


Egyptian ministry of agriculture: "Koper is the most important foreign port for us. Our cargo turnover in Koper is 50,000 TEU and grows 20% year by year.”


Egypt has a population of 96,7 million people and a flourishing trade to Europe of fresh produce and many other products. A large construction boom gives opportunities for all types of European exports.


Egypt is connected to the Port of Koper with 6 container line services per week and additional Ro-Ro services. And of course Koper is connected to Poland by Baltic Rail.


Sea transit time between Koper and Egypt is 4 days.

Rail transit time between Koper and Poland is 32 hours.


Please push your Forwarder to check it as alternative to your old route via Hamburg or Gdansk.




Baltic Rail team took part from Port of Koper days in Cairo and in Alexandria

Please let us know if you are interested in attending the upcoming Port of Koper Day event in Wroclaw.






6-8 March 2018


The 8th edition of the annual Transport Week conference in Gdansk gathered nearly 400 participants during three days of intense discussions and networking, tackled topics related to planning and financing of port development projects, as well as opportunities presented to the European logistics sector by the New Silk Road initiative.

Baltic Rail team has taken part from the conference with own stand and with the main hall presentation.


Stephen Archer, CEO at Baltic Rail offered company’s take on fast access connections to Central Europe also examining the aspects based on which cargo forwarders choose between rail, road and sea connections:





19 February 2018


New daily record – 2 trains per day in Wroclaw Siechnice container terminal.


Two complete trains and trucks of a total 225 TEU were handled "in" and "out" during one working day of 14 hours.

It demonstrates the capacity and flexibility of both the Wroclaw Siechnice container terminal and the Rail Polska locomotive service.


А big thank you to our Team and all our Partners!




January 2018


Baltic Rail has organized transportation of a dredging ship from Antwerp (Belgium) to Baku (Azerbaijan).


The most cost-effective route for this complex out-of-gauge project was via port of Paldiski (Estonia).


Project involved dismantling of the ship for transportation into several pieces. Short-sea on Ro-Ro heavy roll-trailers to Estonia and then by rail from Estonia to Baku on 6 flat-platform wagons. See pictures and more details 



Update on 2017 volume forecast and budget 2018


Dear Friends, Baltic Rail works in the Baltic Adriatic Rail Corridor since 2011. We started from zero, have had good development for 7 years and now expecting further growth in 2018.


Our short presentation is available It contains general data and basic facts about our developments, and I will be more than happy to answer to any of your further questions!

In order to keep you updated, please find below chart of TEU per year on our Koper trains: 6 years Actual, 2017 Forecast and 2018 budget




Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017!



2016, December 5th


7 years of direct container trains between Poland and Port of Koper:


2016, March 15th


Loading first container train in the new rail terminal Katowice Wlosienica located 44 km from Katowice and 55 km from Krakow (see Google Maps





2015, December 15th


Dear Friends! We wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New 2016 year!  



2015, November 23


Growth of container traffic in the port of Koper (Slovenia)




2015, November 18


Construction works at the Baltic Rail second container terminal Katowice Wlosienica. Google Maps


Terminal will start its work in January 2016.





2015, April 20


Video of container operations in the rail terminal Wroclaw Siechnice is available now in YouTube



2015, March 26


Video of reloading steel-coils from rail wagons into road trucks is available now in YouTube

For this operation we use intermodal 40' heavy flat-racks. (see flat-rack specifications).  





2015, February 05


Very demanding, but very happy Customer is inspecting the process of building the roof for unloading and the warehouse for temporary storage of steel products



2015, February 04


Under roof unloading is possible now in Wroclaw Siechnice terminal for weather sensitive steel-coils and other cargo.


Unloading coils from wagon to truck goes fast. 2 coils per truck * 4 minutes per coil = 8 minutes from truck stop to truck start to go. Measured today.


All business requests are highly welcome.




2014, December 31


Terminal Wroclaw Siechnice is serving Baltic Rail trains from Koper Since 2015 week 01. New terminal is situated

in the South-East of Wroclaw


We offer regular train connection 2x times per week to Koper – the biggest container port in the North Adriatic.

Intermediate stops are possible in Ostrava Paskov and in Vienna. All cooperation requests and ideas are highly welcome!






2014, November 18


New BF Line regular LCL service UK and Estonia.

Please note new “BF line” LCL (less then container load) regular service between port of Harwich, UK and port of Paldiski in Estonia.


BF line offers cargo freight consolidation services connecting UK market to Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Trans-shipment of cargo in Estonia on LTL trucks (less then truck load) to Finland, Latvia, Russia (St.Petersburg & Moscow), Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

Our advantages are:

  • Fast transit time from UK to Estonia - 7 days;
  • Agency network in UK, EE, LV, LT, RU and KZ;
  • Documents check to demands of destination country authorities;
  • Customs broker’s supply in destination countries.

General terms:

  • Closing day in port of Harwich is Friday,
  • Arrival to Paldiski port next Thursday,
  • IMO/Dangerous goods shipment,

LCL agency in United Kingdom:


Bowden House, Luckyn Lane

Basildon Essex SS14 3AX

Tel: +44 (0) 1268 275 555

Fax: +44 (0) 1268 275 556


LCL agency in Estonia:


Baltic Rail AS

Toompuiestee 35 15073
Tallinn, Estonia

Tel: +372 66 13 137

Fax: +372 66 13 121






2014, January 31


Baltic Rail is happy to announce, that one important contract has been prolonged for the next two years, which will ensure further fast speed of development of our train operations in the Baltic-Adriatic Rail Corridor:




2013, November 26-28


Baltic Rail will take part with its own stand from TransPoland 2013 - international transport & logistics exhibition.

Please come and see us in Warsaw!





2013, August 28th


please be informed about start of the regular train Koper - Wroclaw - Koper since week 35 (check the timetable from the menu on the left side of the homepage).


Fast transit-time and regularity of the weekly train are provided by committed volume of the big international Customer. Train transports standard and High-Cube sea containers and special 40' flat-racks for steel-coils, palletized cargo and long cargo. Please see unloading of the train in the terminal Katy Wroclawskie:





2013, June 20th


Dear Customer,

Please be informed, that regular scheduled container rail service Koper – Graz – Vienna will be continued as a combined train system of:

  • CCG trains Koper – Graz, frequency of service 4-5 times per week and
  • IMS trains Graz – Vienna, frequency service 2 times per week.

Baltic Rail will continue its services between Koper and Poland using this new reliable train system with further road connection or spot train connection between Vienna and Poland.


The bookings are welcome! Booking form can be downloaded from Filled booking form to be sent to, our booking office will send written booking confirmation for every booking.




2013, May 16th


Let's meet in Münich (Halle B5, stand 417). Baltic Rail AS will be presented together with ECE-Erlach Consulting & Engineering GmbH at Austrian national stand in the Leading Transport and Logistic exhibition in Müninch 4-7 June 2013



Please come to see us and have a meeting at our stand (Halle B5, stand 417).



2013, May 01st


2000 TEU per month transported by rail - level achieved by Adriatic trains and Baltic trains since start in 2011




2013, March 1st


First Adriatic train Koper - Vienna - Wroclaw has arrived to the terminal Katy Wroclawskie.



2013, February 24st


First Baltic train Gdynia - Wroclaw has arrived to the terminal Katy Wroclawskie.



December 2012


Dear Friends!

Thank You for the great cooperation this year! Next year we will be continuing to grow the Baltic Adriatic rail corridor for container traffic of Yours and your Customers!




2012, November 15-17th


Baltic Rail has taken part as an exhibitor with Austrian partner from LogiTrans Istanbul 2012



Mr Peter Erlach in the panel discussion about business connections between Turkey market and Central European markets



2012, September 9th


The second round-trip per week ex Koper has been started from the week 37 as follows:



Koper Sunday 22:00 -> no Graz -> Vienna Freudenau Monday 15:00 -> Slawkow Tuesday 12:00

Slawkow Monday 22:00 -> Vienna Freudenau Tuesday 16:00 -> CCG Graz Wednesday 05:00 -> Koper Wednesday 21:00



Koper Thursday 22:00 -> CCG Graz Friday 05:00 -> Vienna Freudenau Friday 15:00 -> Slawkow Saturday 12:00

Slawkow Friday 13:00 -> Vienna Freudenau Saturday 12:00 -> no Graz -> Koper Sunday 03:00



2012, May 11th


New regular container train Katowice - Gdynia and v.v. is running

Baltic Rail is pleased to announce a start of its new train Katowice - Gdynia and v.v., which runs now from beginning of May 2012.


In Gdynia BALTIC RAIL NORTH trains call both container terminals BCT Gdynia and GCT


In Katowice we use intermodal container terminal Dabrowa Gornicza, where from these new trains are connected to existing BALTIC RAIL SOUTH trains Katowice (PL) - Vienna (AT) - Koper (SI).


More details:



2012, April 2nd


Sales Agent in Hamburg


Baltic Rail is pleased to announce that from 2 April 2012 it will be represented in Northern Europe by ASECO Container Services GmbH from their offices in Hamburg and Bremen.



Commenting on the arrangement Stephen Archer (CEO of Baltic Rail) said "The appointment of ASECO to represent Baltic Rail in the region improves our connectivity with large international shipping lines and shippers in the major shipping centers. Baltic Rail's capability and knowledge of container train and railroad operations will be better represented to customers seeking solutions for their inland transportation needs in Central and Eastern Europe.'


Potential customers interested in discussing the Baltic Rail's service capabilities are now welcome to contact:


Dennis Neugebauer

ASECO Container Services GmbH

Haus der Seefahrt, Hohe Bruecke 1, D-20459 Hamburg, Germany

desk +49 40 3600 6659 15

mobile +49 160 97 20 10 62


ASECO dates back to 1967 when in conjunction with CMB, Compagnie Maritime Belge, one of the first container movements to and from North America was launched.


The name ASECO is an acronym from “Agence Service et Conteneurs.” It describes the activity of being a service provider in the container transportation industry. In 2001 USS United Shipping Services AB acquired all ASECO companies in Scandinavia. Under USS ownership growth has continued and further ASECO companies in Europe and South Africa have been established.

More information about ASECO at




2012, March 6-8


Transport Week 2012, Gdansk, Poland


Baltic Rail participated with its own box in the Transport Week 2012 in Gdansk.


On the picture (from the left) Baltic Rail team: Miroslaw Lapot, Martyna Szmytkowska, Tomasz Krawczyk, Stephen Archer

Picture made by Żaneta Jabłońska






Port of Koper has completed a case-study on transporting one container from Israel to Poland (or vice versa). Please click on the picture to see the original slides of the presentation (4 slides).







Dear Customers, Business partners and Friends!


We would like to express our sincere thanks for your support and friendship.

Best wishes to all of you, your families and your staff. Many Joy and Happiness for the Holiday Season and much Success in New Year 2012!



2011, November 21st


In accordance to the schedule the block-train started from Koper Wednesday 16.11.2011 and arrived back to Koper Sunday 20.11.2011.



2011, October 12th


Koper-Austria-Poland train has been announced to start a regular service between Port of Koper, Vienna Freudenau Hafen and Railway Container terminal Dąbrowa Górnicza.

Baltic Rail is railway forwarding company, who having 4 offices in three contries – Estonia, Poland and Ukraine, is active in railway forwarding in both European gauge (1435mm) and Russian gauge (1520 mm), dealing with containerised cargo and project shipments.


This train between Koper and Dąbrowa Górnicza is a first stage of the North-South railway corridor being developed between Baltics and Adriatics.





2011, September 1st


Baltic Rail has opened own office at the railway container terminal in Dąbrowa Górnicza. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

We speak English, Polish, Russian, Slovenian.



2011, August 23rd


Train of harvesters in Paldiski North Harbour. Group of wagons, combined set:

  • 7 x 18m flat wagons;
  • 1 x 12 m flat wagon;
  • 1 covered wagon with dismounted wheels and other parts.



Train with harvesters ready for inspection



Loaded and lashed harvester



2011, June 27th


Baltic Rail AS has successfully performed the project of railway transportation for Finnish military forces on the route Helsinki (FI) - Pabrade (LT) - Helsinki (FI).


Special scheduled train of combined set:

  • 22 x 18 m flat wagons with wheeled vehicles;
  • 2 passenger wagons;
  • 3 x 18 m flat wagons with containers;
  • 1 x 18 m flat wagon with general cargo.






2011, May 10th - 13th


Baltic Rail AS has participated with its own stand together with Austian consulting company ECE - Erlach Consulting & Engineering at the messe Munich Transport Logistics 2011: 



At the stand of Baltic Rail / ECE in Austrian national section

(from the left) Igor Zimin, Riivo Sinijärv and Peter Erlach


Owner of Baltic Rail and Rail World Edward Burkhard

speaks in a CER forum about European Rail Corridors





2011, April 15th


Railway department has started to work with additional forces in Estonian office in the main office building of Estonian Railways.


Please do not hesitate to contact us.





Click on the map to see the location

in Google Maps




2008, September 4th


AS Baltic Rail (reg. code 11532987, share capital 1'000'000 EUR) has been registered in Harjumaa commercial register of Estonia.