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W&D projects

Bonded Warehouse inside Free zone in Muuga Port (Tallinn, Estonia)


• Territory of Estonia, European Union

• Customs free, bonded warehouse

• EU customs clearance or international transit status

• Import VAT returns

• Added value services

• Stock of palletized and non-palletized cargo

• Distribution by road (tent-trucks and container-trucks) and by rail (wagons and railway containers) to RU, LV, LT, UA, BEL, FI



Example of other distribution and special projects:



15. Tractor and spares shipment from Belgium to Mongolia


Ro-ro short-shipping to Estonia, then rail transportation to Mongolia on 13m universal platform, cargo weight in total 16mt.



January 2019




14. Palletized cargo from Italy to Siberia


1800 km from Italy to Malaszewicze/Brest by road in tent-truck

4500 km from Malaszewicze/Brest to Novosibirsk by rail in oneway 20' railway container


28 pallets (19 tons) reloading from tent into container in Malaszewicze/Brest terminal under Baltic Rail control




September 2018



13. Oversized cargo from Belgium to Azerbaijan

Moving dredging ship from Anwerp (BE) to Baku (AZ). Total cargo gross weight 110 metric tons. Max height 3,2 meters. Max width 3,0 meters. 

  • 2*18 meter platforms 
  • 1*24 meter platform
  • 3*18 meter platforms for spare-parts in 3*40'HC SOC containers






January 2018



12. Oversized cargo from Germany to Estonia


Moving metal segments from Hattingen (DE) to Tallinn (EE). Four units with dimensions 300cm in diameter.




November 2017



11. Finland. Moving mill shells from Lübeck (DE) to Kotka (FI). Six units with dimentions 880*400*440cm / 52 tons each.



May 2016



10. Fresh cargo from Poland to Egypt.


Moving apples from Poland to Egypt with reloading from tilt-trailer into sea container in our own container terminal Wroclaw Siechnice to our own regular container train Koper - Wroclaw - Koper




October 2015



9. Russia.


Railway shipment of six Caterpillar special heavy loaders on 6 x 13m universal platform-wagons from quay port of Paldiski South (EE) to railway station of Arkhangelsk (RU). Each truck has dimensions L 1096 cm x W 291 cm x H 252cm / gross weight per one unit 40 mt.




October 2015



8. Russia.


Out-of-gauge potato harvester from doors Veendam (NL) to doors Ryazan (RU). Transported by sea ferry + road truck to the final destination. Cargo dimensions are 7,0 x 3,0 x 2,5 m and gross weight 3,5 tons.



September 2015



7. Kazakhstan.


Out-of-gauge shipment of 3,61 x 2,74 x 2,36m boxes with machinery from doors Cardiff (UK) to Kokshetau (KZ). Cargo weight 58 metric tons.




March 2015



6. Uzbekistan. 


Shipment of five out-of-gauge compressors from Muuga port, Estonia to Achkalak, Uzbekistan. Totally 5 units, each unit dims 8.18 (L) x 4.39 (W) x 3.25m (H) / 33793 kg



March 2014



5. Kyrgyzstan.


Shipment of two lorries by rail from Paldski port, Estonia to rail station Alamedin, Kyrgyzstan.




February 2014




4. Russia. Shipment of Barrier Transfer Machine with dims 1282 см х 254 см х 353 см / 18000kg from Kent, UK to Moscow, Russia



August 2013



3. Russia. Shipment of second hand line for the automotive parts production from Rochdale, UK to St.Petersburg. Totally 7 low-bed trucks + 5x40' containers with spares.




March 2013



2. Iraq. Shipment of two out-of-gauge electrical motors with dims 1,64*2,04*1,98m - 3,352kg + 1 cll. - 2,68*2,44*2,45 - 6100kg from Tallinn, Estonia to UMM QASR, Iraq

January 2013


1. Lithuania. 


Baltic Rail AS has successfully performed the project of railway transportation for Finnish military forces on the route Helsinki (FI) - Pabrade (LT) - Helsinki (FI).

Special scheduled train of combined set:

  • 22 x 18 m flat wagons with wheeled vehicles;
  • 2 passenger wagons;
  • 3 x 18 m flat wagons with containers, includung cntrs with IMO class 1
  • 1 x 18 m flat wagon with general cargo.



July 2012